Cutting-edge rock.

There has always been drugs, drums and shamanic trances throughout the ages, we are just a bit more scientific about it these days, but the same basic principle applies. That is, to get off your head. Early primitive innocence (EPI) is biological and technological evolution because the further you go back in time the more primitive life was and animals (such as humans) were, therefore, relatively the more holy and innocent they were. For example, in the 1980s we had no internet or mobile phones and we did not understand smart things like FaceTime and Spotify, therefore we were much more primitive and innocent in the 1980s than the 2020s. By this relatively recent example, we can see that this holiness and innocence becomes stronger or purer the further you go back in time. Therefore, imagine how primitive and innocent prehistoric people were? You may ridicule the recent past, such as the ‘rock’ music of the 1970s, however, what is the point in saying ‘Daaaang! That is soooo last week!’ to Lower Palaeolithic man, Tiktaalik roseae or single-celled forms? I figured out that the further you go back in time the more holy and innocent life was and people were from Matthew 21:9.

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

It occurred to me that who on Earth would say “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” today except sarcastically? No one! For example, regarding a lazy teenager, we might exclaim “Hosanna in the highest heaven! Graham is up before noon!” Therefore, this led me to the conclusion that the people of Jesus Christ’s day or the people of the past generally (who genuinely said such things as “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” without a shred of sarcasm) therefore, must have been much more holy and innocent than us today? I believe that because of the Holocaust that Europeans have lost their holiness and innocence and that it has become unfashionable to holy. In fact, I believe it is fashionable today to be unholy. For example, the term ‘wicked’ has come to mean something good, I mean why not have the terms ‘evil’ or ‘demon’ to mean something good as well? The church is holy and that is why the church has become so unfashionable. Not many people today are holy, apart from perhaps Orthodox Jews, vicars, priests and nuns etc. Today it is fashionable to be cool and hip not holy. Most Europeans seem have an allergic reaction to holiness. So how can we make holiness fashionable again? The Buddha and Jesus Christ were holy. Perhaps innocence or early primitive innocence (EPI) could help? Is early primitive innocence (EPI) connected to holiness? Yes, I believe innocence is a form of holiness. We Europeans are too fashionable, cool and hip today and this demonstrates that we have lost our holiness and our early primitive innocence (EPI). I think that with superstar trance and house DJs spinning the wheels of steel in clubs today, it is hard to be holy and it is hard for young indigenous Europeans not to say daaaang to God! Even though I am a hypocrite, I think we should try being holy, rather than saying daaaang to God! I have never observed the abstinence of eating meat on Good Friday, however, the problem to me is that McDonald’s and Subway etc are still actually open on Good Friday. Why? It is the western, capitalist and materialistic so called ‘Christian’ way of life, that gives us the option to eat meat on Good Friday? It is freedom of religion and freedom of choice? Why? Surely McDonald’s or Subway will not go bankrupt for closing it’s doors for no rational or scientific reason whatsoever, for one day of the year for one holy Christian fast? Perhaps Muslims and Jews might respect you a little for that? Do the Muslims get a choice to participate in Ramadan? No! Do the Jews get an option to participate in Passover or the Shabbat? No! Let me guess, you are about to say daaaaang to God? In fact, concerning such as Shabbat, the authors of the Old Testament, such as Moses would probably agree with closing McDonald’s or Subway for one day of the year for one holy Christian fast for no rational or scientific reason whatsoever? That is what Jews and Muslims are about. Growing up in Africa, I believe that most indigenous Africans have retained a lot of their holiness and early primitive innocence (EPI), as they still regularly attend church and use religious language etc. For example, if you ask an African how he or she is doing today, it is not uncommon for them to reply “Oh, by God‘s grace!” or “By His grace!” And, this means ‘I am well’. Similarly, are Muslims uncomfortable with their faith? Do they cringe when they pray or say things like “The Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him”? No! It is only indigenous European Christians who are uncomfortable with their own faith. It is only indigenous European Christians who have lost their holiness and early primitive innocence (EPI)! For example, the hymns that we infrequently sing in church today have become so unfashionable and make us cringe a little because they are holy and innocent. However, with their fast and precise electronic music, turntables, DJ controllers and sound systems etc, DJs are very advanced and cutting-edge etc and they are so unbelievably current, up to date and in the know, in that they know and play which songs come out literally every day or week etc. Therefore, DJs should probably be very careful regarding holiness and early primitive innocence (EPI)? However, having said that the original DJs of the acid house and early rave movements of the late 1980s and early 1990s had early primitive innocence (EPI) because they were so early and ahead of their time. However, all DJs today are cutting-edge, cosmic, electrified and ultramodern, hence, that is why I have done the opposite and I have sought the holy, innocent, old, ancient and prehistoric. That is why I chose the name DJ Innocence.

Trance that rocks.

Drugs, drums and trances.

Prehistoric shamanic trance.