Cutting-edge trance (‘rock’ music).

There has always been drugs, drums and shamanic trances throughout the ages, we are just a bit more scientific about it these days, but the same basic principle applies. That is, to get off your head!

But anthropologists can be reasonably sure that humans were using myths at the time of cave art, which flourished in Europe around 30,000 years ago. Many archaeologists believe that, apart from being decorative, cave art depicts at least four main concepts: 

Shamanic voyages, wherein shamans (traditional healers) traveled to a spirit world to fix problems such as poor health in the material world. Traditional shamans continue to do this today, recording their voyages in rock shelters.

Hunting magic depicting scenes people wanted to see, such as large herds of fat, vulnerable animals.

Myths or narrative parables instructing people how to live properly. 

Rites of passage, which ritually ushered people into various stages of life. These ceremonies were then recorded on cave walls.

(Anthropology For Dummies, Cameron M. Smith and Evan T. Davies, page 130).

Early primitive innocence (EPI) is biological and technological evolution because the further you go back in time the more primitive life was and animals (such as humans) were, therefore, relatively the more innocent they were. For example, in the 1980s we had no internet or mobile phones and we did not understand smart things like FaceTime and Spotify, therefore we were much more primitive and innocent in the 1980s than the 2020s. By this relatively recent example, we can see that this innocence becomes stronger or purer the further you go back in time. Therefore, imagine how primitive and innocent prehistoric people were? You may ridicule the recent past, such as the ‘rock’ music of the 1970s, however, what is the point in saying ‘Daaaang! That is soooo last week!’ to Lower Palaeolithic man, Tiktaalik roseae or single-celled forms? I figured out that the further you go back in time the more innocent people were from Matthew 21:9.

The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

It occurred to me that who on Earth would say “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” today except sarcastically? No one! For example, regarding a lazy teenager, we might exclaim “Hosanna in the highest heaven! Graham is up before noon!” Therefore, this led me to the conclusion that the people of Jesus Christ’s day or the people of the past generally (who genuinely said such things as “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” without a shred of sarcasm) therefore, must have been much more holy and innocent than us today? I believe that because of the Holocaust that Europeans have lost their holiness and innocence and that it has become unfashionable to be holy. In fact, I believe it is fashionable today to be unholy. For example, the term ‘wicked’ has come to mean something good, I mean why not have the terms ‘evil’ or ‘demon’ to mean something good as well? The church is holy and that is why the church has become so unfashionable. What is the proof that Christianity is not working? Well, do YOU go to church? Nobody goes to church these days, in fact, since the Holocaust church attendance has drastically decreased. 

In 2012 about 6% of the population of the United Kingdom regularly attended church, with the average age of attendees being 51; in contrast, in 1980, 11% had regularly attended, with an average age of 37. It is predicted that by 2020 attendance will be around 4%, with an average age of 56. This decline in church attendance has forced many churches to close down across the United Kingdom, with the Church of England alone closing 1,500 churches between 1969 and 2002.

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Not many people today are holy, apart from perhaps Orthodox Jews, vicars, priests and nuns etc. Today it is fashionable to be cool and hip not holy. Most Europeans seem have an allergic reaction to holiness. So how can we make holiness fashionable again? The Buddha and Jesus Christ were holy. Perhaps innocence or early primitive innocence (EPI) could help? Is early primitive innocence (EPI) connected to holiness? Yes, I believe innocence is a form of holiness. We Europeans are too fashionable, cool and hip today and this demonstrates that we have lost our holiness and our early primitive innocence (EPI). I think that (even though it is not their fault) with superstar trance and house DJs rocking the house and spinning the wheels of steel in clubs today, it is hard to be holy and it is hard for young indigenous Europeans not to say daaaang to God! Even though I am a hypocrite, I think we should try being holy, rather than saying daaaang to God! If clubbing was holy perhaps you might be surprised who might turn up? Perhaps Jehovah’s Witnesses may turn up? For example, the hymns that we infrequently sing in church today have become so unfashionable and make us cringe a little because they are holy and innocent. However, with their fast and precise electronic music, turntables, DJ controllers and sound systems etc, DJs are very advanced and cutting-edge etc and they are so unbelievably current, up to date and in the know, in that they know and play which songs come out literally every day or week etc. All DJs today are cutting-edge, cosmic, electrified and ultramodern, hence, that is why I have done the opposite and I have chose the holy, innocent, old, ancient and prehistoric. That is why I chose the name DJ Innocence.

Drugs, drums and shamanic trances.

Trance and techno that rocks.

Are you stoned?